Visual Prolog 7.5 Release

Visual Prolog 7.5 Build 7501 released December 8, 2014.

Download and try the Personal Edition right now.

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Upgrade from Visual Prolog 7.4 only € 100.

Visual Prolog

Visual Prolog is a multi paradigm programming language based on the logical language Prolog.  The goal of Visual Prolog is to facilitate programmatic solutions of complex knowledge emphasized problems.

Visual Prolog is a powerful and type safe high level programming language combining the very best features of logical, functional and object-oriented programming paradigms in a consistent and elegant way.

With Visual Prolog you can build applications for the Microsoft Windows 32/64 platforms. It supports advanced client-server and three-tier solutions. Visual Prolog is especially well suited for dealing with complex knowledge.

By utilizing the powerful object system you are able to architect your application very rigidly and at the same time benefiting from very loose coupling.  This will enable you to reduce development and even more maintenance cost.

Visual Prolog features:

Visual Prolog is a complete programming environment with:

Video Tutorials

Hello World! provides overview of basic IDE functionality.

Hello World video

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Visual Prolog Editions

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Agile-Team™ project management software is used to manage Visual Prolog  project development