April 24-26th 2006
Hotel Eva
Faro at the Algarve Coast in Portugal





















All three days including accommodation for only
Visual Prolog 6.X CE users $460


VIP-ALC 2006 was the premier gathering of Visual Prolog professionals from industry and academia, including professional programmers, researchers, students - all sharing their interest in logic programming.

VIP-ALC offered an extraordinary array of presentations from speakers, demonstrations,  technical papers, formal and informal educational symposia, tutorials and lectures - not to mention a chance to meet with fellow programmers.

Benefits from joining the conference:

  • Discover AI powered by hybrid technologies
  • Learn about the exciting results of fellow developers
  • Get inspired by theoretical and practical uses of Visual Prolog
  • Meet the people behind Visual Prolog
  • Plenty of opportunities for social and professional networking!

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TESTEMONIAL: The first VIP-ALC conference was a great success and many of the participants have requested PDC to arrange the 2nd conference already next Spring or Summer.
Audun Tønnesen from Norway says,  "It was a very successful conference where both the technical and the social aspects were worth the trip! I hope there will be another conference sometime in the near future"
Visual Prolog Application & Language Conference
Audun Tønnesen  

Visual Prolog Conference in Faro, Portugal Visual Prolog Conference in Faro, Portugal Visual Prolog Conference in Faro, Portugal