VIP-ALC'06 Program

PDC has received many good papers and we are happy to present a unique and innovative program. We are certain that the VIP-ALC '06 program will educate, inform, challenge and inspire you in your own development.

Social Program

If you arrive a day early we invite you to join our nice golf event on Sunday - a tournament for those who are skilled players and instructions for those who want to improve their skills with a golf club.

Faro is an attractive old city from the 13th century surrounded by Roman walls. Those who fancy a guided tour in Faro can join this on Monday afternoon.

On Tuesday, we have arranged a get-together at the hotel where we will enjoy a lovely dinner as well as each others company.

Technical Program

April 23
April 24
April 25
April 26
Morning Session I
(starts 9.00 AM)
Tutorial: Object oriented programming and polymorphism

by Thomas Linder Puls,
Prolog Development Center

Tutorial: Object oriented GUI programming

by Michael Brandt,
Prolog Development Center

Tutorial: Using COM

by Yuri Ilyin,
Prolog Development Center, Russia

SODUKO: An Exercise in Constraint Programming in VIP 7

by Carsten Kehler Holst,
Prolog Development Center

Dll-based component technology using  Visual Prolog 6/7 features

by Victor Yukhtenko,
Prolog Development Center, Russia

10.30-11.00 Morning break Morning break Morning break
Morning Session II Approximate semi-structured document retrieval in large XML databases with Visual Prolog

by Gildas Menier,
Université de Bretagne Sud

PRO/3 – A Production System-Type Expert System Shell

by Jens Holm,
Independent Consultant

A Decision Support System to Convert Images to a Standardized Format for Neural Network Processing

by Paul Cerkez,
Nova Southeastern University

Domain Specific Languages

by Michael Alexander, Cool Blue Interactive

Visual Prolog and the MDA Approach

by Olivier HAAS

Nondeterministic, Molecular Concept of the Prolog Execution Model for Computational Collective Intelligence Application

by Tadeusz Szuba,
AGH University

12.15-13.15 Lunch Lunch Lunch
Afternoon Session I Expert system for orthogonal cutting - packing

by V. Markov,
The Kuban state technological university

A prototype of JSM-system on Visual Prolog 6.3

by Elena Efimova, Russian State University of Humanities

Developing an Idea Processor in Prolog


by Chan Bok, Axon Research

Social event:

Golf tournament

Assembly Language Extensions of Visual Prolog for data-mining applications with huge data

by George Stathis,

The Heart of Prolog: Project Management, Planning and Rule-based Systems

by Hans Siggaard Jensen, The Danish University of Education.

Visual Prolog and Large Scale Projects

by Carsten Kehler Holst,
Prolog Development Center

14.15-14.45 Coffee break Coffee break Coffee break
Afternoon Session II Program Comprehension: Theories and Prolog Based Methodologies

by Erkki Laitila,
SwMaster Oy


Gramiticando project

by Marcelo de Sousa,
Federal University of Uberlandia Brazil

Panel Discussion -
Future Directions of Visual Prolog
MY Server" - “desktop server” for school teachers

by Yasuhisa Matsumura,
Nagoya University of Foreign Studies

  Social event:

Guided tour in Faro

Social event:

Gala Dinner