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Visual Prolog 9 Personal Edition

Download the latest version of Visual Prolog Personal Edition for the Microsoft Windows platform.

Note that the Personal Edition is for non-commercial usage only. For long term usage registration is mandatory. See the Personal Edition License Conditions.


You can also choose to buy Visual Prolog 9 Commercial Edition.

For a comparison of features see: Differences between the Commercial and Personal Editions of Visual Prolog.

Visual Prolog Updates

To see if there are any updates available for your version, please, use the menu entry Web | Check for Update in the Integrated Development Environment (IDE).

Visual Prolog Documentation,  Tutorials, and Books

A number of Visual Prolog tutorials and books are available online and might be downloaded as PDF or HTML files.

Visual Prolog Migration Tool

The Migration Tool is an assistant for migrating Visual Prolog 5.x projects.