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Visual Prolog Examples and Demos

The examples will help you to understand Visual Prolog and create you own Visual Prolog applications.

Creative Commons License The examples are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

Users are welcome to create their own projects based on these examples.

Examples included in Visual Prolog

Both Visual Prolog Personal and Commercial Editions include a number of example projects that demonstrate various Visual Prolog features.

The included examples are installed from the IDE: Help -> Install Examples...

The examples includes examples corresponding to the online tutorials, which are found in the _tutorials subdirectory in the examples directory.

Examples Provided by the Visual Prolog Community

The following examples are provided by members of the Visual Prolog community.  They may not be up-to-date with the current version of Visual Prolog.

Overview CE only Contributor Last updated
Socket Demo Yes INTECH Software Solutions, Inc. 09.03.2014
Speech Recognition Yes Steve Lympany 13.05.2010
Alchemist Helper Yes Oleg Kozlov 13.05.2010
Convert an HTML Text to a Prolog List No Yasuhisa Matsumura 13.05.2010
Dialog Package Demo Yes Ivan Obydenny 13.05.2010
Sending and Downloading Files by FTP Protocol Yes Luc Glowczewski 13.05.2010
RedBlackTree Example No Roland Soltysiak 13.05.2010
SplitFourControl Example No Steve Lympany 13.05.2010
Calendar Class Example Yes Malcolm Bolton 13.05.2010
Parser Generator Yes Malcolm Bolton 13.05.2010
Owner Draw Demo No Jose A. Becerril 13.05.2010
Prolog - to - HTML Conversion No Jose A. Becerril 13.05.2010
Tab Dialog Demo No Jose A. Becerril 13.05.2010
System Colors Handling No Jose A. Becerril 13.05.2010
Show Internal Database No Ben Hooijenga 13.05.2010
How to Insert, Delete, and Display Objects No Ben Hooijenga 13.05.2010
ListView Demo Yes Chan Bok 13.05.2010
Rich Edit Demo Yes Chan Bok 13.05.2010
OpenGL Toolbox Yes Gildas Menier 13.05.2010
Sudoku No Stuart Cumming 13.05.2010
My Server
Desktop Server for School Teachers
No Yasuhisa Matsumura 14.09.2007


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