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RedBlackTree Example

Written by by Roland Soltysiak


Last updated: 6-9-2006

The example shows how to use the RedBlackTree package of Visual Prolog 7.

Several RedBlackTrees are created and each method of the package is shown. At the end, there is a performance test that creates 1 million entries and 1 million reads (duration app. 1 sec).

More information about the method you will find here:

Build and Run

Load the project redBlackTreeExample.prj6 into the IDE, press CTRL+F5 to execute the application and then select File | New to show the example window.



Download the project.



The example requires Visual Prolog 7.3 Commercial Edition.


If you use the Personal Edition, but need the  features supported only in the Commercial Edition, you are welcome to order the latest build of this Edition just now: Order!


Users of previous versions of Visual Prolog are welcome to upgrade to the current version of Visual Prolog  to use the latest versions of the Visual Prolog examples.


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