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Socket Demo

This example demonstrates how to establish a socket connection between server and client, written in Visual Prolog.


Also it contains a java client, which can work with a java server and also a  prolog socket server. That is, it can demonstrate how java and prolog can work together. It also gives a glimpse of the direction how web-based java applications (web portals) make use of the already developed prolog inference engines.


How to Operate This Demo

  1. Open the Prolog_server and initialize server by File|Start Server menu command.
  2. Run Prolog_client in command prompt and see how the prolog client exchanges information with the prolog server.

How to Build and Run This Demo

Load and build both projects prolog_server\prolog_server.prj6 and prolog_client\prolog_client.prj6 by the IDE.



Download the project



The example requires Visual Prolog 7.3 Commercial Edition.


If you use the Personal Edition, but need the  features supported only in the Commercial Edition, you are welcome to order the latest build of this Edition just now: Order!


Users of previous versions of Visual Prolog are welcome to upgrade to the current version of Visual Prolog  to use the latest versions of the Visual Prolog examples.


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