Visual Prolog 7.3 Examples and Demos

SplitFourControl Example

Written by Steve Lympany
Last updated: 12-09-2006

This example demonstrates a splitFourControl, which closely follows (i.e. the coding) splitTwoControl in the Visual Prolog PFC. The four controls are placed in positions created by one vertical split and one horizontal split. For this demonstration project, the four controls are:

There is a fudge factor in  the splitFourControl, implemented as fact variable "offset" which is currently set to integer value "-10". It helps set the mouse to a better position for dragging the dividers. I don't know why. You may need to tweak it to make it behave better on your screen, or let me know a better solution.



The example requires Visual Prolog 7.3 Commercial or Personal Edition.

Users of previous versions of Visual Prolog are welcome to upgrade to the current version of Visual Prolog  to use the latest versions of the Visual Prolog examples.

Use the WEB|Check for Update IDE menu command for upgrade information.