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Visual Prolog Migration Tool

The Migration Tool is an assistant for migrating a Visual Prolog 5.1 or 5.2 project into the current version of Visual Prolog . The initial project must be successfully compiled in Visual Prolog 5.1 or 5.2.

The overall process is to place all the code in classes and then convert it into Visual Prolog 7 syntax. The migration tool will assist in this process, but you should be aware that some changes must be performed by hand.

Note that the Migration Tool was created for migrating projects to Visual Prolog 7.4.

Together with the tool you will find more detailed instructions.

New features and updates in the latest versions of Visual Prolog might require some additional changes in your projects. See Upgrade Notes for details.

We offer an opportunity to use Visual Prolog Migration Tool in accordance with your Visual Prolog license, thus if you want to use the migration tool commercially, you will need to have the Commercial Edition of Visual Prolog.

Download Visual Prolog Migration Tool, Build 1020 (Size: 11449 KB)