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Visual Prolog Editions Comparison

Feature Personal Edition Commercial Edition
Commercial Usage   X
Development Environment (IDE) X X
Text Editor X X
Dialog Editor X X
Menu Editor X X
Toolbar Editor X X
Bitmap/Icon/Cursor Editor X X
PFC GUI Support X X
Standard GUI Controls, Windows, Dialogs, Forms X X
Additional GUI Controls   X
Running External Applications   X
COM Support   X
DLL Support   X
ActiveX Support   X
Multithread Support X X
ODBC Support   X
PIPE Support   X
CGI Support   X
ISAPI Support   X
Time Measuring of Programs for Optimization   X
Basic VPI Library X X
Extended VPI Library   X
Regular Expressions Support X X
SMAPI Support   X
Help Generating Tool   X
Send Email Support   X
Handle Templates Support X X
Collections support X X
Mutable variables support X X
Cryptography support   X
Common strategy for event processing support   X
GDI+ support   X
Command line builder - VipBuilder   X
Coverage analysis tool   X
Memory profiling analysis tool   X
Source Gear Vault integration support   X
Migration Tool
(for migrating Visual Prolog 5.2 projects to the current version of Visual Prolog Prolog)
(limited support)
Examples X (limited) X
Additional Examples   X